The Artist


A native New Yorker, artist/photographer, and founder of BOXeight Studios, Peter Eaton Gurnz has a long and intimate history as a pioneer and leader in the art and fashion world.

Gurnz graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with degrees in Industrial Design and Photography. His unique ceramics, paintings, and photographs were discovered while being sold on the streets—Prince Street in New York City’s bohemian brotherhood Greenwich Village—and were consequently featured in many exhibitions and publications. Shortly thereafter, he began a career- defining mentorship with visionary artist Peter Beard, crystallizing an already blossoming infatuation with fashion and it’s beautiful creatures. Beard’s interest in Gurnz, in addition to their friendship, came from Gurnz’s application of photographs into what are known as “Gels.”

In 2005, Gurnz left N.Y. after hearing the creative pulse resounding from Downtown LA. He swapped coasts and began searching for artists to join him in what would soon blossom into BOXeight Studios, a multidimensional art/media/production company and creative community. Reminiscent to the Warhol Factory and the Chelsea Hotel, Gurnz’s BOXeight has built an unprecedented reputation and loyal following. Within four years BOXeight has acquired over fifty members who excel in an array of artistic mediums. The BOXeight Fashion Week has successfully fed L.A ’s hunger for a substantial Indy representation of the fashion scene.