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Thank you for finding your way here and for your curiosity. Assuming you’ve arrived here for a reason... Well, I bet it’s a cool one!

A majority of my clients come looking for work for their new project, often too late, to do something really unique. Weather it’s your new home, garden, villa, or hotel... show me what your building or plan too!

The unique result for my work is only possible when I am able to get involved at the ground level of your project. Working in concert with your builders to architecturally integrate works of art.




I have a long history of mixing antique and alternative photographic processes with cutting edge manufacturing techniques. My industrial design degree and my life time passion around art and photography is best put to test in this equation. The result being a truly unique and one of kind application that could very well be the soulful center point you didn’t know you were missing.


Industrial Design is a focus on the duality between FORM and FUNCTION. How something looks vs. how something works. Typically a sensibility given to running shoes or automobiles. Functional Art being a category not well understood or considered. Your architect has hopefully been able to create the perfect form to house your life’s functions. The distance however between an architects vision and the decorators can be oceans apart. As vast a difference as design is too photography.


My work intentionally breaks the barriers between art, design, photography, and sculpture. I have many photographic works in clients sculpture collections, even more towering glass sculptures in various photographic collections around the world.


Art and architecture both being infinite vast worlds of imagination and possibility. Areas or moments where they can functionally and aesthetically come together and become one, is not only incredibly unique but beautiful in a way consistent only to the result of when the ocean meets land. Waves of light, color, memory and materials that can make your dream truly envisioned and manifest in a way you might not have ever thought possible.

These functional art concepts are what I would like to propose to you. My art carries these ideals via the memory of photography and the ever expansive availability of modern materials. It is this goal of application that has set me apart from the framed photographers in my field and the industry focused product designers from which I have departed.

My hope is to find those of you out there who are building your lifelong dream. Looking for that centerpiece or solution to a focal point that defines you and who you are. A wall of illuminated forests cutting through your interior, or the fantasy of figures swimming beneath the oceans surfaces straight into your living room. This is the activation i am most inspired and intrigued of.

The best result of my art and that which excites me most is to produce functional works that go well beyond what hangs on your wall.... but rather IS your your wall, room divider, stairwell, or even ceiling. Perhaps freestanding in your garden, entrance or just bringing life to a corner otherwise lacking energy. All are applications requiring if nothing else proper lighting and conduit installed specifically for.

I take great pride in building “Hurricane-proof” artworks. Installations that have survived (so far) decades unprotected in the harshest of Caribbean destinations. Photography and Fine Arts are typically forbidden in any proximity to deconstructive powers of sunlight or weather of any kind. I see this as an opportunity not a dilemma or law. Problems create solutions....and Art supremely being the ideal path of resolution to any area of design requiring attention.


My hope is to connect with you and learn about who you are... and what your building. Ideally, before or while still in construction! Understanding your sensibilities and who you are is essential to understand how to complete your vision in a personal way that not only houses your life but reflects, mirrors, and narrates its purpose. Setting a stage for the memories it will most surely procure.  


To receive a proposal of works and/or ideas: Submit your drawings, plans, or CAD renderings to me below. My team and I will look over and begin communicating with you to understand your project, interests and goals. Let us explore the universe of creative possibilities for you. Doing so will enable us to offer complex ideas and solutions that very doubtedly have been considered. Equally we will have for you the often very simple activations that can make all the difference in your project.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.