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canvas wall works

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Peter, born Peter Eaton Guernsey III of Edgar town Massachusetts, is a descendent of carpenters and boat builders. His sensibility to his craft, and the 100% handmade perfection that he asks of himself and his products, are a result of the mastery asked of his family. Sails, made of ink and canvas, are one of the platforms on which he presents his images. Their images and framing are essential to their presentation. Like sails are essential to a boat to create movement, Peter’s wall works literally move with the wind yet hold a wall.


Traditionally, photography is presented in frames that have no relation to the work itself. In Peter’s work, the frames are essential for the works and are made of materials intrinsic to his past and the memory of not only the image, but also his own story as an artist. They are one and the same, unique to Peter and his craft.

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